I can’t… make sense. I’m just lain here shaking my head.

No Western governments will at once withdraw their troops from Arab countries. No emergency meetings to drastically rethink foreign policies are being chaired tonight. Tomorrow, Western leaders will continue to support and trade with the corrupt governments of certain Muslim nations. The day after, American, British and French army bases on Arab soil will still be open. Next week, more legally and morally questionable drone strikes against suspected militants will occur.

Over time, because of what is happening right now, there will be more, not less, boots on the ground in already troubled Middle Eastern countries. Bigotry and suspicion against everyday, honest Muslims shall continue to grow. Civil liberties will continue to erode for hardworking, regular people. And knee-jerk reactions and protest votes will carry on giving power and legitimacy to racist and fascist political parties.

Nothing was achieved. Nothing.


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2 thoughts on “Paris

  1. I compare this to the anarchist movements of the late 19th and early 20th century. They were willing to sacrifice themselves and others to destroy the imperfect world thinking that was the only way to make it better. I disagree, but anarchists pop up when nothing else works. It’s time for a new way of thinking; a Marx, a Gandhi, a Jesus.


  2. Nothing…., except broken hearts and bodies Khalid! Our thoughts and prayers are in Paris! Our ever expanding Universe has a special place for the evil thought and defective dna strain that would commit such atrocities! These nameless and soulless people will forever troubled by the screams of their victims, and their own, and by choking cosmic dust on the fringes, of our Universe far from Our Blue Planet!


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