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Severest Inks is open for submissions. We are seeking nonconformist literature that challenges and subverts convention, whilst delivering narratives of substance. Short story, novella, novel or poetry… our eyeballs are ready! Your work can be in any genre whatsoever, but we are particularly interested in writers with unique, raw voices. If you have a self-contained piece that you think matches the Severest Inks ethos, send it to us.

Email your manuscript to as a word document, ensuring you include a brief synopsis of your work, preferably as a separate file.

Graphic Novel And Comic Book Submissions

Graphic Novel And Comic Book Submissions

Severest Inks is also open for graphic novel and comic book submissions. We only accept work from those who write and draw their own pieces, or have already completed a full project in collaboration with an artist and are now seeking a publisher. Email your material to, including a brief synopsis of the story. If the work is in progress, include sample script and art pages. If the work is complete, include the full comic or graphic novel. Artwork can be sent as a PDF or a .zip containing individual files. If a .zip, please ensure the individual files contained within are numbered accordingly, such as 1 for the first page of the story, 3 for the third, and so on, to avoid an incorrect reading order. If your work is too large to be attached in full to an email, please send as much as you can before you reach the upload limit, and if we are interested in your work, we will get in touch with you with instructions in how to send us the rest.


If you have created artwork inspired by any Severest Inks title, send it to and we may feature your piece on the site and elsewhere, with full credit to you.


7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi there. I tried to contact you on twitter but the message didn’t seem to send. Anyhow, I checked out your site and you sound really interesting. I’ve just self published my first novel on amazon. I’m looking for an actual publisher though. Are you taking submissions?

    All the best
    Alex Klineberg


    • Hi Alex, we are not currently taking submissions for novels but we are accepting short story submissions for a new anthology titled Civil Disobedience, due to be published next year.

      We are looking for narratives that go against the grain and challenge convention. It can be on any subject and in any genre whatsoever. If you have written a self-contained piece of between 5000-8000 words that you think matches this criteria, then feel free to send it to us. You can email your manuscript to as a word document. Please ensure you also include a brief synopsis, preferably as a separate file.
      In the meantime, feel free to browse our current titles at, to get an idea of the types of work we publish.

      Thank you
      Severest Inks


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