The Red Saga

The short story that started it all, Red is a blistering crime tale that defies an anaemic page count to deliver a potent read with a jolting plot twist. Note: Red also comprises a chapter of the novel Fires Of Red.








Fires Of Red blows the story wide open and elevates the series to new levels in an epic full-length novel. After the fallout from the resurgence of the rivalry between Fate and The Wolf, our heroine Red finds herself hunted by the most brutal street gangs of Riverstones City. Meanwhile, decades earlier, the rise of Fate is chronicled. Yet his actions and decisions in his fervour to become the most powerful drugs baron of the city effectively lay the foundations for the torment his daughter shall endure years later. The original short Red forms an early chapter of this novel, from which point the narrative crawls out into a dark work of groundbreaking contemporary literature.

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